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Default TO Unplug or not when not using the player?

I just got some new philips headphones tongihts for my sansa, and was wondering about something. Alot of headphones come with little cases and stuff, and i was wondering if its worth it to unplug them from the player all the time and store them in their case. TO me that seems like it will wear out the jack on the player very quickly. Am i right, thoughts?

By the way, i got the Philips he591 headphones, and they are pretty nice, alot better than the originals, and they suction inside my ears perfectly and cancel out almost all external noise.
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Don't worry about leaving them plugged in all the time.

For normal headphones it's actually good leaving them plugged in - speaker-driven headphones usually need some time to "burn in", making them sound better after 50 or 100 hours of use. I assume these Philips HE591 are in ear monitors, so they might use armatures instead of speakers and don't need to burn in. But it doesn't hurt them being plugged in all the time, either - as long as you don't drive them full-power (distorted).

If you worry about them being plugged while the player is turned off: well, it's up to you, how well you care about your stuff, so they get no physical damage, ripping the cords, etc...
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cool thanks man
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