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Default What I love about my O2 Player

Okay, okay. I hope no one is mad at me for starting this thread, but since I'm seriously concerned about the upcoming purchase of my O2 (since there is no real D2 successor yet...), I wanted to hear about the good things that people like about their O2...

Anyone out there? I thought I'd start a thread like this since I read a lot about the negative aspects (mostly from Martin Sägmüller aka dfkt?). I know his very thorough review of the player is important and very relevant. I would hope that the more casual users like me that listen to mainly podcasts, radio programs, some documentaries, NO music, (shocking isn't it?), are interested in this info. I like the picture viewing and possibly reading text is very interesting! I still think this O2 blows away any iPod piece of c#%p, regardless of the flaws.

Please share your successes and things you generally enjoy about the player. Thanks!
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What I love about the player..
-the 4.3 inch screen
-the video battery life
-the codec support
-the design of the o2
-sound quality

btw, I made a topic about this at's forums.
here's a link if you want.
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Copied from the iAudiophile thread:

What I like: Audio quality and enhancements (for audio, unfortunately not for video), low background hiss, recent files list, no video conversion needed for 90% of my videos, file/folder (I hate ID3 browsing), MSC (I hate MTP), pan/balance, sleep timer (even though it's hidden too deep in the system settings).
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I agree 100% with Nujabez and dfkt.
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When i put my player on hold there is a setting so i can let my volume buttons do nothing, function as volume buttons so i can adjust the volume while the player is still locked, OR make my volume buttons into next track and previous track buttons which is nice since its lacking a bit on physical buttons
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Build quality, understated elegance
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What I like about my player is that it finally came in the mail! All looks well at this point. Upgraded the firmware, and just shuffling all the data now between my players.

What I know I like so far:
  1. Non-proprietary cable
  2. Quick charge power adapter
  3. Buying from the JetMall - free hard case and protective screen
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I have to agree with everyone's comments. Those are the things I like best about it.

One other thing I like is that it has a nice, large screen and yet it still fits comfortably in my shirt pocket. It's the only player I have with this large a screen that will do that.

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