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Default Sennheiser HD 555 review


After 5 minutes of struggle trying to figure how to open
the headphone's box. I was kinda disapointed not to see
any other freebies inside the box.. not even printed
materials.. (except for the warranty).. It only comes with
the 3.5mm headphone jack adapter which just plug directly
to the headphone jack (not the screw on type) it is
ridiculously big.. when you use it it barely fits your
pocket so its not a very good solution for portable use.


The sennheiser hd555 has a very nice design.. it kinda looks
futuristic. It has a circumaural design which is really comfy.
The earpads are not itchy like some other phones as well.
the pads are reasonably soft as well but in my opinion they
should be a wee bit softer, but i must say these are one of
the most comfortable headphone I wore.. The only thing I don't
like about the design is the cups are quite big.. I mean as a
14 yr old I don't have really large ears but thats just me..
I'm sure that you will find these headphones really comfy.

Cord wise its long.. it is long it is about 10 feet.. so When
I bring these, I wrap the cord around my neck.

These phones are open headphonees.. so they offer no isolation
at all..


These headphones are fairly efficient at 50 ohms. My walkman
can drive them easily even without an amp into deafening levels.
Frequency response according to sennheiser is 15-28,000 hz
but i have no way of confirming this.

Sennheiser has put some surround reflectors on the 555s which
they claim improves soundstage. These reflectors are small humps
inside the cups. These phones have reasonably great sound stage as well
So those surround reflectors *probably* work.

Surround reflectors


Now the most important part of the review. Sennheiser said that these
phones are perfect for home cinema as well as music. I said to myself
when I first read it "these phones might not be that great for
music because sennheiser did not highlight it that much". well
i was wrong. these headphones are great for music. I don't even
use them for watching movies. These headphones are dark sounding phones
compared to other phones that I listened before. They sound warm
and smooth. There is also plenty of bass.. i am satisfied with
its bass quantity even without using clear bass on my walkman
not to mention its bass quality.. these phones has deep punchy
bass that I think even bassheads will appreciate. they don't have
fake-bass they have real bass. Mids are great and clear and the highs
extends to the highest notes. I did not notice any roll offs but that
its just my ear.. I have no scientific evidence for this.

Also to note that when amped, these phones change quite dramatically
soundstage improve a lot and you get a fuller sound. I am
pretty sure that majority of listeners will be impress with these
phones with its great sound and design.


When you are in a budget and you want great sound these phones are
perfect. They offer great comfort and sound at a reasonable
price. I haven't heard the hd 595s but people say that both
phones sound almost the same and that means these phones will
save you decent amount of cash, instead of buying the 595s.

Build quality although not supreme they offer decent build
quality. It is mainly made of plastic so it kinda flexes a bit
but nothing worries me about it.. its not like it would snap
or something.


-Great sound
-Really comfortable


-build quality is not top notch
-earcups are a bit big for my taste (its my preference you might find it

PS: this is my first review and I hope u liked it

Some more pics:

If you got questions don't be afraid to ask
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