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Default Microsoft pays music studios $$ for each zune sold

I just read on PC World (can't open it again) that Microsoft is paying the music studios for each zune sold. Then Microsoft is paying the music studio for each song sold on it's marketplace. I find this distasteful even if it is legal. Several reasons for their decision to do this. One of which is to drive a bigger widge between Apple and the music studios and make the Zune the top player. It is a wise business decision for Microsoft but I find the music studios are getting way to greedy. And believe me, the consumers won't get a discount.

EMUSIC all the way. Not even sure I want to purchase CDs from big name studios.

I did manage to find this article.
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I couldn't agree more. It's funny how MS talked down the closed DRM scheme of the iPod/iTunes and now has a more DRM infected system in the Zune/Zune Music Store itself.

All of this totally disgusts me as the assumption here is that anyone buying a media player must be a criminal/crook who doesn't pay for their music, while this UMG deal is sure to screw the artists and go directly into UMG's pockets.This is only the beginning as there are more Big Music companies than just UMG.

I have nothing but contempt for this business model that is built on extortion of customers for Big Music's own personal gain. Microsoft IMO has just made this issue worse.. and we are the ones that will suffer for this deal, in higher prices paid per player. The muscle will now be put on other player manufacturers (Creative, SanDisk, Samsung) to "pay up".

Plays-For-Sure/MTP goes the way of the Dodo as MS now has their own non-compatible Zune-DRM, leaving their partners to twist in the wind.

Lets just hope that UMS becomes better supported now as I believe it is the only sane thing to do for the former Plays-For-Sure partner companies.
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I second your words, Champkat and Utew. That's why I've upgraded my eMusic subscription to the premium plan. Apple, Micro$oft and the big music companies all suck! Also, that's why I've moved from the mainstream music realm and discovered a bunch of very talented underground artists that create rich and varied music; sometimes they even sell the music themselves on the Internet. See this guy, for example.
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Instead of microsoft paying music companies to aggressively advertise and promote their product, wouldn't it be better to lower the price of the zune?
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I think thta would be reasonable.
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