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Page MediaMonkey - Share User Experience

Hi Everyone,

Finally my iPod croaked and I took the opportunity to junk it, and got myself a creative zen x-fi 32GB

Couple of things:
Creative Central - is too slow and not very functional as a media manager (this is my experience).

So I tried WinAmp - but it will not help manage photos (and I have lots of them)

I tried Windows Media Player - not too thrilled. It is slow, does not get much of my album art, and is generally a pain.

My search has brought me to my current candidate - MediaMonkey. Good reviews from lot of iPod owners, but I have not seen much from owners of Creative Zen or Zen X-Fi

Would folks mind sharing their experience, if they have any, with MediaMonkey? How good is it? How functional and stable?

I am using Windows Vista.

P.S. In general it may be a good idea to have one sticky perhaps devoted to popular media managers (MediaMonkey, WMP, WinAmp) for each of the anythingbutipod players? Would be perpetual source of information for users.
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Moved to correct sub-forum.
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Anyone - have experience with MediaMonkey? I have it installed on a different computer - but at first glance it seems it will handle nothing other than music (no pictures/videos/etc.)

Any input would be great help.
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I wouldn't even try to answer this, as I am not an expert with MM, but I know they have a forum on their site where you can read more about it.

I use it to organize and correct the tags for my music collection and so far I have found it very easy and fun to use. I don't know about syncing your Zen though, i try my Zen M, but coverart doesn't come in correctly. Windows media Player 11 is better for the album art tagging for me.
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I've been using MediaMonkey Gold (the paid version) for several months. I've found it a very powerful and easy to use program that works well with each of my audio players. I will just touch on a few of the areas:

File Management:
I've found that it is good when working with large audio collections, and has the ability to let you choose the way you want your music arranged on your hard drive and the way you want your files to be named. For example, I arrange my music by album artist and then by album and the track's name is just the name of the song. It is also able to store your music in one location, or in several locations and to consolidate your music.

Album Art:
This has been an issue for me and I've found that MediaMonkey (MM) works very well with album art. Rather than just one option, MM allows you several ways to automatically handle album art and gives you the option of confirming your choices when your update the tag. The way I've found works best is to have MM embed the art in the file's ID3 tags. Unlike Windows Media Player, MM doesn't place the album art in hidden files in the album's folder.

I hope that helps.
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Has anyone had a problem with it working on Vista? I cannot get it to run.
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