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Default PMP GUI based on HTML, CSS, and Flash??

I was in the shower this morning contemplating which new PMP I should get since my Samsung P2 recently broke. I love touch screens and also happen to have a thing for user created content. Now, I think I've finally narrowed it down to the Cowon S9 because of the ability to create new themes and applications with Flash. Unfortunately, I have little to no experience with flash and won't spend $700 for Adobe Flash Professional. So, while still in the shower, I came up for this:

A PMP that is essentially a glorified browser that isn't used for the internet. No, it would use html, css, and bits of flash - just like a web page - for the design of the menu system, now playing screen, etc. you get the idea? Why not create a player that is built from the ground up the same way a website is. Doesn't it make so much sense??

So many people know how to code in html and css! There would be so much you could do with it!!

I know what you're thinking though. "What about how annoying it would get to play choppy videos and music like you sometimes get on websites?" Well, this wouldn't happen because your not streaming anything, it's already stored on the player. No need to load anything.

As for the rest of the holes in this idea, I'm sure they would be easy fixes for the developer. So yeah, please post more ideas and comments and maybe - just maybe - a developer will catch on?
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I have an idea, look at this:
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Well, using ONLY CSS and html would make no affect. You would need some programming language that would handle events. HTML is not a programming language, it is only a content display format. Pretty much the same thing with css. Css is just a tool used to help web designers to make the dsigning easier, centralised. Flash would be a good idea, but it would not be anything new, as some handheld device manufacturers aleready use flash to implement their interfaces.
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