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Default bricked gigabeat S60...YAY

I bought a Toshiba Gigabeat S60 on like 2 years ago. Every few months I would check the status of the rockbox port for the S series. Once progress began to speed, I began checking about once a month. Finally, last month, I was pleased to see that the build had a good level of functionality. (Now it is even better than then)

I was in Linux at the time but it was late and I didn't feel like compiling any of the tools even though it isn't much of a bother, so I rebooted to windows xp. I my internet connection was down after I rebooted, but luckily I had all the files I needed and I had written down the steps I needed to use to flash the firmware.

I accidentally used sendfirm to send the unmodified nkbin instead of the merged file. I unplug the gigabeat from the usb connector, and it resets. I realize my error. It just shows a Toshiba splash screen that doesn't go away.

I hooked it up and Windows wouldn't recognize it since its firmware was replaced.
I rebooted into one of my Linux installations, tried lsusb, and the device wasn't listed, so I knew I was kind of screwed.

I've kept the gigabeat out of my sight since then until today. I'm not sure how I can possibly flash it without having usb access. And I tried pressing win button+ left direction pad to go into recovery mode, but that doesn't appear to work without the original firmware.

I know there is the serial interface on the bottom of the player, but If i recall correctly it wont help you any. I read somewhere (i think on here) that someone took a dock from an F-series gigabeat and it worked with their S if they dremeled the sides off. Is there anyway I can get access to re-flash with either rockbox or the original firmware in the state my gigabeat is in?

And note to self, never try flashing firmware at like 3 am.

Thanks for any insights any of you may have.
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