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Help Help with installing my Gigabeat U

Ok well I have a Gigabeat U MEU202 and it used to work fine but a while ago... (story time...)

My computers a piece of poo so I was cleaning it out, and I accidentally (I don't know how) deleted Microsoft Word Processor. That is a program I use a lot so to get it back I did system recovery to get back the files and I did and it helped the computer a bit. But then I go to plug in my gigabeat U and I have to reinstall it so I go to do it and I get this error:

Cannot Install this Hardware

There was a problem installing this hardware:

TOSHIBA gigabeat U MTP Device

An error occured during the installation of the device

The required section was not found in the INF.


Everytime I try to install my gigabeat I get that message, no matter what I do. I CAN charge it but thats it. I have done pretty much everything I could find to try to get it to work and nothing. Some of the things I've done:
1) Deleted Windows Media Player 10 and reinstalled it - FAIL
2) Tried every USB port in my computer - FAIL
3) Charged the battery to full then tried to install it - FAIL (Don't even know why that would be the problem...)
4) Downloaded a new MTP file from MS - FAIL
5) Went through and specified what folder to get drivers from or w/e - FAIL

Some notes about the error:
- It USED to work, it worked fine before I did system recovery.
- It doesn't show up in Device Manager when I have it connected.
- My brothers Pearl mp3 player works fine with our computer.
- I have everything that came with it, the installation disk is just for the software. (WMP 10/11)
- I know for a fact you need Windows Media Player 10 or greater so I'm 97% sure that's not the problem.
- I have dial-up so I can't try to download any big files.

So yeah I'm getting pretty frusterated. I've posted this on many sites and forums but so far the best help I've gotten was to:
Delete the driver files and reinstall the player
Which is dumb because there are no driver files...

So any help would be greatly appreciated.

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