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Default Using Sansa Fuze with Ipod Accessories

I want to use an IPod docking station to playback music on a Fuze. I can use the patch cord on one of my accessories, but there are other accessories that don't use a patch cord, plus it would be handy if the fuze could use the charging function of the docking station.

Any ideas where to get a fuze-to-ipod adapter?

The whole story is below if anyone wants to read it. I made the short version above when I realized this was too long to read.

I have an iphone, and foolishly paid for the extra 8 gb thinking it would be useful for something and HOPING that someone somewhere would offer a music subscription for it. WRONG. Well, I'm mostly happy with the iphone because I didn't really buy it for music, so I don't have even one song loaded on it.

Still, that didn't stop my GF from buying me accessories for it - speakers, car stereo player, extra chargers etc.

Well, by dumb luck she happened to accidentally buy herself a Fuze cuz someone told her it was a good FM radio. Now that she's got it, I want to load it up with Rhapsody, but I want to connect it to the IPod accessories that I have. The adapters are SO similar, it seems like it should be easy to make a fuze-to-ipod adapter that lets me use an IPod docking station, at least for the playback capability if not for charging.

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