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Default Hands on with a SlotMusic Card (with photos)

I know there are people that hate the SlotMusic Player, "It doesn't have a screen", "It doesn't have shuffle", "Support FLAC or no Sale", etc. Frankly, if you don't like it or already have a player, then the player isn't meant for you; ignore it and don't waste your (and our) time complaining about it. It is what it is, and that's all it'll ever be.

But since I do have one, I just had to get a card to go along with it. Jimmy Buffett, "Songs You Know By Heart". It was either that or ABBA.

Photo 1: The front of the box.
Photo 2: The back of the box.
Photo 3: The back of the box, opened, showing the cover for the jewel case and the insert. The insert is basically what you'd get in a CD; in fact it's the same size as a CD insert. The whole box is the size of a CD jewel case, which I suspect is on purpose.
Photo 4: The plastic carrier that is inside, front view.
Photo 5: Plastic carrier, rear view.

The USB reader is the same one that comes with the Mobile Ultra line of microSD cards, not the one that is pictured in the ABI review of the SlotMusic Player, which looks like it would be less expensive. I would have thought the one in the review only read microSD cards because that would probably be less expensive to make, whereas this one that I got reads micro SD and Memory Stick Micro. Best Buy gets $15.99 for this reader alone, the album was $14.99. The only difference is this one is gray where the the one on the Best Buy site is red. The plastic carrier looks like it was made for that cheaper USB reader, not this one. Maybe that was a mock-up, maybe they ran out of the cheaper USB readers. I actually was wanting one of the cheaper ones, I may have to figure how to tell which one is in the package before I buy it.

Anyways, the files are at a 320bps bit rate. They take up about 97MB of the 1GB card, so there is plenty of room to add files should one desire. They are in a folder named, "My_Music". They are named, "01 - [songname], 02 - [songname], etc" so that they play in the order printed on the insert. They are tagged properly with the appropriate information. They card works fine in a microSD-to-SD adapter in a PC, and in a Fuze.

And yes, I'll be getting the SlotRadio Player when it comes out, to add to the collection. And if I get a little more extra cash, I'll get the ABBA SlotMusic card/player bundle. Maybe it has the cheap USB adapter.
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