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Default Tag and album art annoyances with E100

Hello folks.

Just bought an 8GB E100 over the holidays and I've run into a couple annoyances that I'm hoping you might be able to help out with.

1. The E100 doesn't want to recognize the tags for the flac files that transer to the device. For example, I tranfered the album Post by Bjork (ripped by dbpoweramp, which does a wonderfull job of tagging ripped files), but when I look under the Music section, the album is filed under Unknown Artist and Unknown Album. Why is this?

However, if I use the .ogg files (converted using dbpowramp), the album tags show up just fine.

1.2 Sometimes, the E100 will recognize the tags of a couple songs in the album, but not all of them. Again using Post as an example, it'll show the song "Army of Me" as by Bjork and on the album Post, but only that song. The rest of the songs are filed under Unknown Artist and Unknown Album. The whole CD was ripped in one go. What's the problem here?

2. The E100, when it does recognize an album's tags, will arrange the songs in no particular order--not using the track number, not alphabetically, just random. I can go in and manually move things around in the iriver Plus 3 software, but that shouldn't be a step I should have to take. What's the problem here?

3. Album art shows up on some albums, but not others. Is this an embedded in the tag thing? Do I need to go and re-tag every file again and embed the "folder.jpg" that's in each album file with the individual tag?

For the record, I've updated to the latest firmware (1.13...I think). I've tried the "Rebuild Library" function in the Settings section of the E100. I've tried retagging the files using MP3Tag (as suggested in another thread).

Finally, is there an official Iriver forum, or a place where one can ask questions that the people who make Iriver might answer? Or do I just have to take questions directly to customer support with them? And are they very good at replying to support questions?
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