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Default Cowon D2 Sorting Options?

I am having an extremely nit-picky issue with my 16GB Cowon iaudio D2 that I have been unable to resolve after days of research and tinkering.

I discovered the forums after I had the "standard" Unknown files issue, and used the panasonic card formatting to fix the problem, and everything was dandy until I noticed that some of my albums are completely out of order. This is important to me because I listen to entire albums as a piece instead of just individual songs. Like I wanted, I am still able to go into standard library view, go to whatever artist I want, and select the album. However once I get that far the songs are completely out of order.

I was first suspicious that the ID3 tags on the songs were incorrectly tagged. This is not the case, I use a standard ID3 tagger with my foobar2000 media player and everything is correct, and even after re-tagging the incorrect files, they still appear out of order.

I then thought they sorted alphabetically, this is also simply not the case- while some are sorted alphabetical, some are not.

What is also interesting is that if I use folder view, instead of library view (Music list-> Music Library-> Folders (at the bottom of the page)-> D2-> Music and THEN find the correct folder) instead of just clicking artist, these files are correctly sorted by how they are sorted in the folders.

I think I should also mention that some files ARE automatically ordered the correct way. The problem being I cannot for the life of me figure out what is different about these files that makes them sort by song order correctly while others don't.

The question boils down to this, how does my D2 sort the files I put into it? Is there a way to change it? This is a huge concern to me because it follows no apparent pattern of assortment, and having to go through this huge folder menu scheme to get to what I want to listen to is a HUGE pain, and probably not what COWON intended in the first place.

Thanks for your help,
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