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Default Zune Car Kit "Review"

Ok, so I bought the car kit during Futureshop's boxing week sale, and I must say, I am impressed. After a few hiccups getting it setup, it works fantastic. The sound degradation is marginal at worst, and it's great because it charges the zune while you drive.

The only negatives I could see are as follows:

1) Clutter. Depending on where your cigarette lighter is, the cord that goes from the plug to the transmitter, and the one from the transmitter to the Zune could get annoying. Keep it clear of your gearshift, and make sure of that before setting out.

2) The manual says that you should not leave the plug in the lighter for "extended periods of time" when not in use, but does not DEFINE what "extended" means. SO, I am wary, and unplug it every night, until I can get an answer from Zune support.

In closing, fantastic device, much better than griffin ipod transmitters I have used. I am very pleased that the Zune has such a dearth of OFFICAL accessories, instead of the dreadful "made for" that Apple adores. 9/10.
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Glad to hear you had a great experience, Anjohl! Nice review.

Cheers, Dave.
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Can you provide any photos of the setup in your car? I have been looking for a good clean and sleek car kit.

Would be greatly appreciated!
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