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Unhappy Touchpad Issues

Hi, noob here, so bear with me, if this is in the wrong place, or there's already a thread dealing with this issue, then my apologies and some help getting to where I need to go would be appreciated. Fairly leangthy post ahead, hopefully it's all relavent.

Right, so I have a 30Gb Zen Vision:M and at the moment, the touchpad simply isn't working. I've had it for just over 2 years now (so well out of warranty) and, well, here's all the details I can give.

Now first of all, I started getting issues with the touchpad over a year ago (back when I could have gotten a replacement for free, but my bad). Scrolling with the pad started becoming troublesome and then, all of a sudden stopped working. Now, what I mean is, rubbing my thumb up and down the pad did nothing. But, I could move up and down menus or change the volume by tapping the top and bottom of the pad. Since that was the case I didn't think there was much I had to worry about, I could still get full functionality out of the player, so all was well. Even still, I did go through all the basic steps to fix this, reset the player, firmware upgrade, full format and so on, but to no avail. This was clearly a hardware issue, but I did all this just incase.

This worked out well for me up until a few months ago, where suddenly, I could no long tap the middle of the pad to select things. This issue would come and go, generally I could get this function back by pressing down on the pad firmly (possibly making things worse, I don't know) and that would bring back this function to the point that tapping lightly would allow me to select things fine, but like I say, this would come and go. Again I tried the above basic things, to no avail.

I contacted Creative and was told that since it was out of warranty, I was out of luck and the best they could do was offer me a replacement at a "discounted" price (since they no longer sell these players, there was no option for repair as there are no parts, their replacement would have been the nearest match to my player... can't remember which now, but it's a moot point as the "discounted price" they offered me was more than if I'd simply bought the same thing off of amazon and I didn't have the money for that anyway).

So now here I am. The player still plays, the four buttons around the side work fine (as well as the forward and back buttons) which basically means I can play music and, if I get bored, I can hit the shortcut button, which is assigned to play the "album of the day" (another word for random album) and hope I get lucky and end up listening to something I actually want to. But, there no way I can select... well, anything. At this very moment, full functionality of the select bit no loner works, and I now, neither does tapping the bottom of the pad to go down, so it's constantly on full volume (not an issue, I listen to very quiet music and have noise cancelling earphones). So, I have an mp3 player that plays mp3, just not the ones I want it to play right now.

And yes, since talking to creative, and being brushed off (and why not, I don't have a warranty anymore, I don't blame them) I have gone to the trouble of opening up and fully dismantelling the player to get to the touchpad only to find that my novice knowledge of it all means I simply looked at it, blew on it in case of dust and then put it all back together again. Happily, the player still functioned as it did before I'd taken it apart, sadly, no improvement.

Now, I have found a place that sells replacement touchpads here but they also sell this. As you can see, one is quite simply the touchpad on it's own and the other is the touchpad with buttons and control board. Ideally, I'd simply buy a new player (I read the review on here about a Sony one which looked quite good, but really, I'll only buy that if trying to replace this one seems futile to you guys) So, after that rather expansive trip through my Zen Vision M experiance, my question to you, what do you think my issue is, do you think it can be fixed with new parts, which parts do I need and do you think this website I linked to is reliable?
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