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Unhappy Help: S3 Just Isn't Working At All...

So here's the story:

I was visiting my family in Canada (I live in the USA), and as an early Birthday present, my brother wanted to give me an MP3 player, since I've been wanting one forever. So, since there was going to be a ton of Boxing Day Sales going on, I figured I'd get one then because it would be on sale. But before leaping before I looked, I searched around to see which MP3 Player I wanted to get and that would be able to work with my computer.

I settled for the Samsung YP-S3JAR, since after reading a number of reviews, they mentioned that, although it was recommended for Win XP and/or Vista, it was still compatible for Win2000 - which is what I have. I liked the look of the MP3 player, and because of the Boxing Day Sales, it was for $40 off at the Candian BestBuy. So that's what I went with, but I had to wait till I got home to try it out, since my brother has a Mac and it wouldn't work on his computer.

Got back home to the States, and I plugged in the player and it came up with a "New Hardware Found" Wizard. So I went through the steps it had because it said it needed the appropriate drivers. I searched through my computer and it found nothing. I searched on the CD-ROM it came with, and nothing. I updated to Windows Media Player 9 and IE 6 (which was required in order to install Samsung Media Studio), and even then, my computer couldn't recognize the MP3 player. Samsung Media Player also couldn't find the S3 - it had the "Portable Device" icon blanked out so I coudln't even click on it.

I brought the S3 over to my in-laws and brother-in-law tried on my father-in-law's laptop and it found it on there, but he used Windows Media Player 10, by using the "Sync" function in WMP. So I came home to see if I can do that with mine (again, I've got WMP 9, not 10), but couldn't find anything with "Sync" on it.

Again, my computer can't even see the S3 when I have it plugged in. And, just to let people know, there's nothing wrong with the USB port - I use the same USB port to plug in my memory card for my camera and it finds it all the time. I don't think there's anything wrong with the USB cord for the S3 either, since my father-in-law's computer found the player on it.

I'm just not sure what to do...It's just...not working for my computer. It won't work on my husband's computer either.

Could it be that it just doesn't work for Windows 2000? And if I were to return it, are there any kind of MP3 players that would work with 2000? Can I return an MP3 player I bought at a Canadian BestBuy to an American BestBuy as long as I have the reciept?

My main reasons for wanting this one player was that it has an FM Radio, plays MP3s and can store JPG images so I can store photos, and I just figured it would've been the perfect player for me.

Can anyone help please?
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