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Originally Posted by electron View Post
I still say though, that our best bet is porting over Google Android.
im stil tryin to work on rockbox
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awesome! just lemmie know when you need any moral support
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Ive actually noticed something interesting with the p2. Its firmware is coded in hexadecimal ROM code and the p3 is in binary (0s and 1s). Binary is actually very easily converted into hexadecimal code. I am going to try to do it but i don't want to be bricked. wish me luck.
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Good luck melamntheman I tried config.dat to update by means of files player P2 firmware P3, but is ineffectual Forgive, I simply Russian)) With English not so)) If you can recode somehow an insertion file to you thanks will tell! And many thanks)
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So yeah like 2 years later and still nothing. currently im workinng on android 1.5 and ill work up from there. I open up the rom and the linux iso (google code), and im gonna see what i can change. Im not scared about losing it the headphone jacks busted. I really want to bring it back.
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