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Default Guarenteed Way To Get Video On S3

After downlading every video converter from easy video converter to any video converter to ******** video converter.

Anyway I found a painfully time-consuming but foolproof way to get video on your S3 or maybe even S5.

1)First downlad easy video converter on,;nav

2)Then download either mobiDVD, for DVD's, or MediaCoder PMP Edition at

3)Add whatever you want into either program and convert it to AVI(Xvid/mp3), on MobiDVD its under advanced

4)Go onto Easy Video Converter and click Convert Video File

5)the video file should be in a folder in My Computer

6)Once your done converting the video files on Easy Video Converter, go onto EmoDio and plug in your MP3

7)Retrieve the files in your Local Disk, the video should be in a file named EasyVideoConvert,

8)add the videos to MyPCs videos on emodio, then transfer the files to your MP3

9)If Emodio converts it and then the status says pending when transfering stop the transfer and uninstall and reinstall Emodio, then everything should work

This process takes a s***load of time but right now it's the only way I can get video on my S3
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Thanks for the great info. When I go to I do not see MyPCs videos. I'm stuck at this point. Can someone please help? This is getting very frustrating (urghhhhhhh)!
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try using 'Handbrake' (google it) choose you source and select the preset 'classic'. you can fiddle with advanced settings for higher quality but i know the preset works and is reletively fast almost to the point of a twenty minute video taking twenty minutes. also i suggest you use Mp4/avi(ffmpeg) rather then Xvid as Xvid is already compressed which takes time. Emodio with compress the video on transfer and convertion to .svi
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