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Default earphones or inearphones or headphones

Dear all,

I am from india and i am new to forum. i have ordered for a cowon d2, and based on different reviews i have the following questions.

i use to own a old sony casette walkman as my portable music player. the earphones that came with it are good with the walkman. to get nice closed effect for some songs i used to hold them tight in ear . but i tend to get tired up (feels like ears have got heated up), so i need to to stop listening.

from the way i see inear phones seem to give the kind of effect that i was getting when i was holding them tight. but my question does in ear phones tend to get the ears tired up fast?

I now use a aiwa headphones, they are fine does not tire up but the effect of holding earphones tight to ear was good for the reason that it made the music more complete(usually mostly with the bass).

Also i see that some earphones generating unnecessary bass. like if i am hearing to a old 70's hindi film music. i don't want a low frequency exaggeration. i would want the low frequency to shut up not produce unnecessary harsh bass, that's the way the old songs are designed for. especially keeping the cheap equipments in mind.

inorder for people to see the kind of music i listen to ( so that u can recommend some nice phones) i am uploading three songs i like.
i am saying what ever country u are in they are worth listening.

can people out there give me suggestion as to which head phones would suit d2 better for me. based on your inputs i will order. currently i have my eyes on "px100" and "koss portapro" ( for its 60ohms which many are saying as a necessity for d2 not to cut off lower frequencies , but a bit worried on it might produce unnessary bass while listening to good old songs).

basically i need a all-rounder. great mids for vocal songs at the same time good bass while listening new remixes, but one should not spoil other.

siva kumar reddy
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And start reading
COWON D2 16GB, Creative ZEN 4GB,
Practical Devices XM4, FiiO E5
B&O A8, V-Moda Vibe, Phonak Audéo PFE
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thanks for the reply,

i have read a few of them already

1. which provides more comfort (headphones or in ear or simple earphones)
2. which one's can be used for long hours withoutth ears getting tired? (headphones or in ear or simple earphones)
3. i would also love them to sound more like when i am listening to a hi-fi music system than music being thrown into my ears.
4. i love the whole frequecy spectrum, each has its own beauty. so i need an allrounder with each part of the spectrum playing its role to the fullest based on the song.

i have used a few closed headphones with mics which cover the whole ear like the ones that come free when you buy a new computer (vey cheap ones though) i got a feeling of overheared with in 15 minutes really!

and about bassrolloff ( is suppose by roll off u mean a few frequencies are unheared) is it noticable with mp3's or only with the lossless and high end phones?

-siva kumar reddy
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I just got phonak PFE yesterday and been using etymotic ER6i for the a year now.
Phonak have better bass and more comfortable, but ER6i have crisper high, better isolation and need some time to get use to it.
Overall, I love both of them and time will tell which one will end up on ebay or craigslist.
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