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Default Sansa Media Convert + video

For some reason, the Sansa Media Converter refuses to recognize that my new Fuze 8GB Silver can do video. It can sort of see the Fuze, but the Convert button is dimmed. By sort of, I mean, underneath where it says Information: it has a triangle with an exclamation mark inside it, yet it can see how much space is free and how much is used no problem. Where it gives the option for preview, it can see that the device in question is a Fuze. I tried to update to the latest version of Sansa Media Converter via the Sansa Update program. All appears to go well. The Updater says:

Sansa Media Converter:
To start the Sansa Media Converter installation program, click All Programs > Sandisk > Sansa Updater.

The only problem is I am unertain what program to start from there as there is nothnig to indicate which program is the installation program for the Sansa Media Converter. The choices I have under that menu are:

Sansa Media Converter (it list a shortcut, but if I choose that, Vista asks me if I wish to delete the shortcut as it doesn't point anywhere).
Sansa Updater (if this is clicked, the updater runs and asks me if want to download and install the user manual and Sansa Media Convert (despite the fact that I just did this!)
User Manual E200 - English (US)
User Manul Fuze - English

The only other Sansa related program I have are (in a different folder):
Sansa Media Converter (seems to work fine except although it sees thue Fuze, it refuses to recognize that the Fuze can do some video).
Sansa Media Converter Help.

Any help with this matter would be greatly appreciated. (I understand the Fuze's video capabilities are somewhat limited, but for my purposes they are fine).

One other thing is I had trouble getting my PC to reconize the Fuze at first. I tried two different ports in my USB hub and Vista complained that the device had malfunctioned and didn't install the drivers. I tried a USB port directly from my PC and the Fuze was recognized no problem but Vista said that only generic drivers were installed (I checked the CD that came with the Fuze, but the only files on it were an installion program for installing the manual in pdf drives were on the CD). Could this be related?


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