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Default Cowon s9 OSX/video problem

Okay, so I was using a mac, and i plugged in my cowon cause I needed a song off it to put on a video. So long story short, exported the video as a .dv file and drag it on to the videos folder on my cowon. So I just unplug the cowon from the mac, and turn it on. I go to my videos to see if it is playable, and it doesnt show up. So I turn it off and then on, and then it has the green arrows from the video player pointing to the video list. and there is nothing on it.

I became puzzled when that happened, so i checked out the artist list, aaaand the whole thing froze. How can I fix my non-file reading, freezing cowon, and what is wrong with it?

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i dont think the s9 plays .dv.
if it freezes, try to reset it.
Cowon S9 32GB with firmware 2.51
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Thread title (original 'Cowon s9 problem') changed.

How would the S9 - or any other MP3 player ever made - play a .dv file? That's a storage format for digital video camera tape transfers, not a ready-to-go video format that *any* player understands.

The S9 plays MPEG4-SP video files (meaning, XviD, DivX, etc), in an AVI container. That's clearly stated in the specs.
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