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Default Research and development: custom fonts.

One of my biggest wishes for BlueWave updates was custom font support. Now Samsung obviously isn't adding this in for us, so we'll have to work this on our own.

I've confirmed that the P2 uses fonts in TTF format, and that these fonts are not encrypted in the firmware update images. Have a look at these screenshots.

Here's Bitstream Vera Sans, in normal style:

And here's an offset within YPP2.RSC:

See the similarity?

We can probably just overwrite the P2's default fonts with custom fonts and reflash. As long as we don't change the file size and move things around, it should be a fairly safe mod.

I'll give it a shot and let you know how it goes.

Update 1:

I tried replacing the first font with Deja Vu Sans, but when I tried flashing it, it threw an error 'Invalid Resource'. I'm thinking there might be a CRC check somewhere.

Update 2:

It seems like the hash they're using to check YPP2.RSC isn't standard: I tried CRC32, md5 and SHA-1, as well as others, and the digests haven't been found in YPP2.ROM. However, looking through YPP2.ROM, I found the string 'Invalid resource' along with some binary code around it. If I can dissassemble it and bypass the check, we might get a YPP2.ROM that allows flashing of custom resources.

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