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Default Sansa Fuze Firmware 01.01.22/02.01.17

The new Firmware is here guys. Read the official announcement at

Its confirmed now, that there is a revision 2 of the Fuze existing - so before you attempt a manual flash, be sure which revision you got, as there is a separate firmware version for each of them! Its pretty much all explained in the post of the SanDisk official linked above.

Originally Posted by SanDisk
New features
• Sleep Timer – accessed via Settings > System Settings > Sleep

• Accelerating Scroll wheel speed during navigation
• File cursor position saved for last played file of each Audiobook
• GoList expanded to 200 tracks
• Add entire Artist or Album to GoList with press and hold during navigation
• Support Disc Number ID3 Tags for Sorting Multi Disc collections

Bugs Fixed
• Play Previous disappears after power cycle
• Podcast sort order inverted
• Sometimes Fuze does not respond to Power Off switch
• Unexpected refresh database
• Files placed in Podcasts or Audiobooks folder on external card will not show up in device’s user interface
• Standard line out level is not used in Dock mode
• Device hangs on PC connection with Photo slideshow paused
• Incorrect translations in German language
• Album art does not show up after transferring using Napster application
• Cannot transfer Audible files to external card. Audible manager freezes upon selecting external card to transfer.
• Backlight setting of 5 seconds causes device to hang upon going into backlight saving mode
• MP3 128kbps VBR and CBR files skipping / popping during playback with backlight off
• Certain MP3 128kbps 44KHz CBR files play very slow
• Other miscellaneous fixes

Known Issues
• It takes a long time (2+ min) to delete song if device has lots of content
• There is a pause (less than 1 second) when selecting “Play All” – transition not smooth
• Rating info is lost following database refresh on songs loaded in microSD
• With Rhapsody channels content, press and hold to add Artist to GoList may not work. Work around is navigate to Album level to add entire albums from one Artist

Here are links to the firmware: v1 firmware and v2 firmware.
SanDisk Sansa Fuze v1 4gig + 4gig µSD paired with Sennheiser CX300 in-ears ||| EQ: 5, 0, 1, 5, 10

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