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Default Strange Audio Problem

Hey all,

I've had the Clix for 2+ years now with no problems. Until this week. I wanted to do a mass change out of all my audio files (remove all the songs and replace them all with different stuff) so when I plugged my clix in and started up WMP - I clicked "OK" when WMP gave me the option of something like:

"Your device is almost full. Some of this may be stuff the manufacturer put on your device. Would you like to delete all of the data?"

There were no problems with the removal process and no problems filling it back up with songs. However, the next morning I noticed that the audio quality sounded bad. It sounded as if the tracks were dragging and being played at half speed. After troubleshooting for a bit (reloading songs, rebooting device, recovering and reinstalling frimware [yes, i have the latest version according to my firmware updater], checking to makes sure the songs sounded right when playing on my computer, checking my settings, and returning my settings back to default) I found that as soon as I enter the custom EQ menu in the settings, the sound returns to normal and plays at normal speed.

Problem solved, right? Well not really. The problem comes back every time I plug my Clix back into my PC!?!?!? Even if I don't sync any songs to it and am just charging the battery, as soon as I unplug the USB cable and try to listen to tunes - the songs sound like they're playing at half speed and I have to go to the custom EQ settings menu to get it to start playing right. So the problem is somewhat fixable - but it is still annoying and I'd rather solve the problem if it's possible. Also, I've noticed that when I unplug my device - it does tell me on the main screen that I'm using the "Custom EQ".

Again, I have reinstalled firmwarm and it is up to date. Did something get screwed up when I deleted all the files from my Clix? Or are the two unrelated? Any help here would be greatly appreciated. I do love my Clix and don't really need anything bigger as I'm always changing out what I'm listening to. Thanks in advance.

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