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Thumb Down Sansa Fuze vs. Creative Zen vs. ???

Hi All,

I just stumbled across this website in the search for my perfect MP3 player, and I've learned an incredible amount just by browsing these fora. Thank you all for making this such a great website!

I've narrowed down my search to the Sansa Fuze and Creative Zen, but if there is something else that missed my radar somehow, please let me know! I'm looking for a player (with a expandible memory slot) that I can just throw music on, make up some playlists on my PC, and queue up a playlist on the go. My music collect is only about 5 GB right now, but I can see it growing in the future.

I find things to like about both the Fuze and the Zen. I like the Zen for its use of SD (rather than microSD) and mini-USB port, the nicer graphical interface, and the DJ features (I love the "rarely heard" feature on my Creative Zen Micro). On the other hand, I HATE Creative's software (MediaSource 5, which came with my Micro, was just plain awful, and I still can't scrub it completely from my computer. Once I updated the firmware to make the player MTP compatible, I never looked back). Couple of questions about the Zen: How easy is it to use one-handed? It looks tricky to hold and push buttons with the thumb, and doubly so if you like to use your left hand. Also, can the Calendar function sync with Google calendar? THat would be a huge plus.

On the Fuze, I LOVE the fact that the SD card integrates with the internal memory so nicely. If I make up a playlist, I assume I can mix tracks from the internal memory and the expansion card, right? If not, it's not a deal breaker-- I might just go with a lower-capacity Fuze (2 or 4 GB) and load up all my music on the expansion card, and save the internal memory for audiobooks and podcasts. I like that it's slightly smaller and its radio recording feature, and I really like the feel of that scroll wheel. (By the way, what does the "class" of an microSD card mean? What "class" do I need to store and play mp3 files?)

My main concern, though, is reliability. I indulge my inner gadget geek very rarely, so I need a player that will last a good, long time. My Creative Zen Micro, despite annoyances with the software, has been quite good to me for three years, but I see worrying signs that the hard drive is near the end of its journey. I've read that the Zen is prone to a "white screen of death", can anyone comment on that?

So, which player is right for me? The Fuze, the Zen, or something else? Right now I'm leaning toward the Fuze. Thanks in advance for all your help!
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