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Old 12-03-2008, 05:37 PM
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Default Looking for IEM to replace V-Moda Vibe (G1) for D2

After nearly two years (yes, you and I are surprised), the plastic cover for the wires, near the little plastic "balls" by the actual monitors, are coming off. I loved the way it sounded, stopped minding (or noticing) the microphonics, but missed the fact that unlike other IEMs I used, isolation was only somewhat better than buds. And the damn cord would always twist and tangle.

And I'm looking for something to replace them within the [original] price range, give or take some dollars. I'm willing to spend more if need because, because I buy for the long-term investment, not an impulse. I try to take care of my stuff (ie, not dropping them every time I return home) and so try to prevent, but I won't bother, at all, with any cures and repairs from wear and tear.

For music, I'll listen to everything, and usually without an EQ (yes, I know I'm using a D2, but still love the way it sounds with the Vibes). Except [most] rap and country. I like hearing the every detail of songs, like individual instruments. Typically, I don't like farting bass. I don't hate bass, as I am bass in my choir, but yeah, I'm not a bass head when I listen to music. Conversely, I hate piercing sounds as well (as most people do).

I'll try to list as much as I can, but generally, to paint a better picture.
Video game music
Asian like those in animes, jpop & rock
Rock (yes, a very broad term. The kind I listen to are a lot like Rock Band's offering, which is also very broad)
DDR (which includes a lot of stuff too)

I was looking at the XBi before, but with that build quality being worse than the Vibes, I'm really put off by that. The recently-reviewed Phonak Audio PFE look great, according to the IEM spreadsheet, except it's a tad more expensive and not as pretty as the Vibes were. Maybe the new Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5 too. Also, I was considering the new Vibes (black/silver), but I don't want to have to deal with the past problems (build, manual burn-in, isolation) and if it's just a moderate improvement, I'd go with the Phonak or something else recommended.

I hope to get some help here. I haven't gotten a chance to tinker with the D2's MTP playlists, as I'm not home right now, and I want to make a solid, long-term investment from research and respected opinions.

I wish the Vibes lasted a little longer, considering the extra precaution I put into them when I heard about the build quality, but I suppose it was worth it. The D2, well, I hope it lasts over two years, since I've opted for it instead of the S9, and it does have expansion and the reputation I've heard and experienced.
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