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Default Apply Patches in Rockbox: Howto Request

Patching... I know it's simple, but I've never done it. I've set up a development environment using the VMWare development platform. I've used SVN to get the latest rockbox source code. I've successfully compiled and even made a zip.

I'm great at following recipes, and am grateful when hints are offered as to why I'm in a certain folder or need to use a certain command modifier. They did that in the above two links. However, the patch page leaves a something to be desired. I just want to apply patches. I've read and understood the man file for 'patch' and am still unsure why the -p(num) command modifier needs to be used, though it obviously has to do with file folder structure. Conceiveably you could download the patch file to the wrong place and never get the patch to work because you're in the wrong folder to begin with. So...

I assume that before I apply a patch I have to download it from the flyspray perhaps using wget, or maybe using svn. The file has to live somewhere specific. If I'm using SVN, that's likely taken care of. If I'm using wget, where is the most likely place for the patch file download to live? Like anything development-wise, there are probably a lot of ways to get around the barn. What's the shortest, easiest method just to download and apply a patch?

Here's a patch I want to apply: the Anti-Aliased Fonts Patch.
In my VMWare Player Debian 4 environment, using a recipe step format, what are the steps I would take to apply this patch?

Edit: I also notice that Eterm and bash do not allow copying and pasting with mouse select and right-click the way they do on a regular terminal. I can't copy from windows and paste into Debian, consequently. Apparently I have to type everything. Why is that, and is there something I'm missing?

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