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Default Transition from iPod and iTunes

Hey guys,

I just ordered my e260 and a 16 gb memory card to replace my recently defunct 20 gb iPod. One of the reasons I did so was because you can play all the .aac files from iTunes on the sansa. What is the best way to transfer my music that is already organized. Will the sansa recongnize the tagging and all the album art that I've painstakenly associated with all my songs over the years? I hope this is a seamless transition without too much work. I really liked my iTunes library and how it was organized. I hope you can all provide me with some good advice. Thanks!
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1. Rockbox will only play non DRMed .aac files. Which means all of the wonderful songs you bought from the iTurnes music store, canNOT be played (you could still convert them, but I don't know if that is actually legal). 2. Roxkbox uses a file tree structure, a database using tags, and playlists. So, you should be set, no matter your preference. 3. You can just put the music directly into the player, using your computer's file browser. Just make sure that your computer is set to MSC (UMS), mode. If it's put into MTP, you won't be able to copy files over. 4. Good luck with Roxkbox. I enjoy it immensely. I wish the default text was bigger (I have low vision), but other then that, it is the sole purpose I bought the player.
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The iTunes Plus music will work. The other iTunes music will not work.
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