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Question Some problems with RockBox


I recently rockboxed my Sansa clip zip 4 GB player that I got recently too. I already had a 4 GB Sandisk microSD card which I added to the player and it hardly took 2 minutes to refresh the media.

It was working good till I had the default theme that comes with RB. The fonts weren't there then. However, since I added the fonts pack and a few themes, now when connecting to the computer and after disconnecting, it just hangs showing the USB connector and I have to reset it using the power button. This is happening each time I connect to the computer. What do I need to do to solve this problem?

Secondly, the reason I installed some themes was that I read on this or sandisk forum some people saying that it's not possible to remove the "peakmeter" that shows on the now playing screen. I hate this peakmeter and couldn't find a way to remove it. Someone said it could be removed by removing a setting (%PM) in the WPS config file but I couldn't find even the file mentioned.

Also, can anyone tell me the theme that would remove this peakmeter? For ipod nano, there's such a theme called WPS Black. Is there a similar theme for the clip zip?

Thirdly, just a day or two ago, I added about 550 songs to the internal memory which was almost empty till now. When I play the songs using the folders and go to the microSD card and play the songs, the songs' names scroll on the now playing screen normally (in one line). But when I play any song from the internal memory, each song's name scrolls horizontally in two lines. I mean that two lines have the exact same name scrolling which I find irritating. I wonder which setting might have triggered this but if it was some setting, this problem should occur even with the microSD card songs. Can anyone tell me what can I do to remove the second scroll line?

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