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Default Album Arts: no idea how it works :S

So far rockbox have worked as a charm for me, i reallyyy love my sansa because of it.
The only thing i can't understand is how the album arts work.
I tried embedding the album arts within the songs with WINAMP(right click on song-view file info-artwork-"download") and so far it worked, i tried opening the songs with Windows Media Player10 because in it you can see the artwork while playing(if it have an artwork embedd :P) and so far it appeared. But then when i load the songs to my mp3 it wont show them x_x.

After seeing that embedding didnt work i tried what this guy explain in his video "How To Put Album Art Into the Sansa E260(Rockbox Firmware)"
I downloaded the program he said, aa4mp3, and it finds the album arts and i can save it in my pc and everything but i dont know in what format i gotta save the arts, neither what the name got to be :S,
it have to be like this: "ALBUM-NAME.bmp" OR LIKE THIS: "cover.bmp"
I hope is not "cover.bmp" because if thats the case then i would need to re-organize all of my songs because they are all in 1 folder... but if it is the "ALBUM-NAME.bmp" then it would recognize the album name tagged un "album" in each song i guess...

How does this works :S?

EDIT: i just found this, which is supposed to be a patch i guess.
As far as i can understand it creates a folder in .rockbox called "albumart" and there i put all of my arts with this name: "the-album-art.bmp" and than the player recognize itself the album art matching it with the tags, right?
But how do i install this x_x?
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