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Default Wishing to remain a zune owner

JRKart99 posted the following at the zune forums:

I feel like his post is well-written and though out, and I think it would do him justice to post it here, where more people will be able to view it and reply.


I am a zune 30 (1st generation) owner. (even my old roommate who worked for microsoft thought i had balls for going out and getting the 1st gen!) I was a poor graduate student that saved for months prior the release and paid $249 in january of 2006, a lot when you are paying for school. Since, it is the only mp3 player that i use. I am very passionate about this because I have stuck with zune from the beginning, watching on the sidelines as all my ipod friends get cool gadgets, touchscreens, wired car support etc etc etc. while I searched hours and paid absurd amounts for accessories that are easily found for ipod. I listened to my friends snicker, saying I wasted my money. I dealt with the bugs and quirks, static electicity shut offs (which i still get), the "big freeze" that happend last January. I have been here, Zune, the original customer, fighting up hill with you because i believe that there is potential to be great here. I dig the Zune vibe, emphasis on originality, socializing, being about the tunes, you know? The new zune hd looks amazing and I'd love to get one now that I can afford things again Big Smile []

But I don't know if I can do it anymore, zune. My big issue here is that there is no 64 gb zune hd, and the accesories are slow to come out or nonexisent. I have filled my 30 because i have grown with you. I will not buy a new 32 gb zune hd just to have the same space issues or buy an mp3 player that doesn't have the same accessory support. now that i can afford a new mp3 player, it is becoming very tempting to jump ship and give in to an ipod world. But thats too easy right now and there are signs zune hd can do great things, but... it all starts with the hardware.

I mean c'mon guys! The new zune hd is definitely an ipod killer but it seems like the full follow through isn't there. If you are going to get into the ring with the ipod you have to go in strong, full force, and take the risk. if zune can't do it, there is nobody else out here that can contend. Mr. Miyagi from karate kid I said it best to Daniel LaRusso right before he began his journey to be the champion. "Walk on road, hm? Walk left side, safe. Walk right side, safe. Walk middle, sooner or later get squish just like grape. Here, karate, same thing. Either you karate do "yes" or karate do "no." You karate do "guess so", squish just like grape. Understand?"

You guys have the right ideas, the right drive to take those first steps, but we've gotten to this point where apple pulls out ahead of us AGAIN with the 64gb and we don't answer back. (During the xmas season, mind you.) This is not only for my benefit, but look at the petition of people in this forum that want a 64gb zune hd. there are people on the fence, your loyal customers, who undoubtedly had bought a 1st or 2nd gen zune, in limbo, wanting and waiting to spend their money. you step up and compete and even outside non-zune owner that want to spend their money now have to choose, instead of just handing their money to apple. "IF YOU BUILD IT, THEY WILL COME."

I can't begin to tell you how many people out there HATE itunes,even the ipodders. but they have no choice when the bigger hard drives come out, and they deal with the ipod down falls, because they feel they have to. If you get out in front or at least stay in step w/ the ipods, there is a choice. Price points are good but people aren't going to buy a zune just because its 10 bucks less than the ipod counterpart, they buy what they like.If the hardware stays close, people are forced to weigh the smaller differences. And even though the HD has the features, the space and accessories are lacking in order for people to integrate a new type an mp3 player into their lives. Ipod has a huge head start here. Zune owners integrate but at much higher cost and with a lack of choice. We do this because we like the zune player more than Ipod, and we the minority, see the value here, we appreciate the zune for what the player is. but we lack the integration and storage. Hence, the angst of being a zune owner, and a major reason the outsiders don't migrate here.

So there it is folks, it starts with the hardware specs, (especially storage, and we are not fully there yet), the software and features come next (where we are far superior in my mind), and then finding what else you can do with the player in terms of accessories, (another big downfall). I hope my explanation, with cheesy '80s movie quotes and all, illustrates why it is imperative we follow throught with what was started this september. If zune takes the big leap, makes the big push, I think it can take back some of the market share. If zune takes no-holds bar attempt is made and nothing comes from it, nobody will beat ipod. This is the closest anyone has come to challenging ipod, and to not even go down swinging, (if that were to be the way this goes) would be a totally wasted effort in the first place.

My wish is to remain a zune owner. My wish is have an awesome mp3 player that has the muscle, memory, and other toys that are out there for the competition. I just don't know if I have the stomach watch the zune get stomped out again half way to the finish line.
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