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Page Firmware 1.27

it's out! see what's new


Update: Global version Released! Changed Link location

Changelog: Available

Movie player
- Fixed the error that pixels were broken while playing some files with H.264 codec. (support B frame use as reference option)
- Fixed the error which some AVI files, which is including AC3 codec, didn't play.
- Fixed the error which there was no image viewing when MP4, which is including H.264/MPEG4 codec, was playing in recent files.
- Fixed the error which screen was flashing while it is in searching mode.
- Fixed the error which AV sync was not right when you try to skip some parts of WMV files.
- Fixed the error that some video clips from podcast didn't work.
- Fixed the error that some AVI files were recognized as unknown format.
- Fixed the error that video clip playing is not working after playing faulty files.
- Fixed the error of video clips, which wide pixel size is not multiple of 16, weren't play.
- Fixed the error that displayed black screen while some of WMV9 video clips were playing.
- Fixed the error that AV sync was not correct when you play AVI files which audio property is VBR and mono.
- Improved analysis algorism of files information of MP4 which is big size.
- Improved to play some movie files which contain faulty frames.

Music player
- Improved searching speed
- Fixed the error which images of in the folder were slide showing instead of cover image, which has same name as a FLAC file, is displayed while FLAC file was playing.
- Fixed the error that MP4 files were recognized as video files.
- Fixed the error that M4A files, which are including AAC, were not recognized by COWON A3.
- Fixed the error that video clips with G.726 didn’t work.
- Fixed the error that WMA bit rate was displayed incorrect.
- Fixed error which some FLAC files weren’t play in resent files.
- Support MP4 files which include ALAC(Apple Lossless Audio Codec)
- Reduced gap between music files.

Image viewer
- Reduced loading time of skipping images.
- Reduced loading time of preview image in browser.
- Improved resolution of preview images (same result as image viewing)
- Added function of rotation (press A button on images)

- Fixed the error that picture pixels were broken when it is changed music to photo while doing multi playing music and photo.
- Fixed the error of picture pixels were broken when it is changed to photo after pausing or searching music files while doing multi playing music and photo.
- Fixed the error that pictures weren’t zoom in when it is changed to next song while doing multi playing music and photo.
- Fixed the error that icon of multi play was displayed incorrect when CSD viewer was on while doing multi playing music and photo.

Mobile TV

- Fixed the error that subtitles were not displayed while 1SEG recorded files were playing.


- Fixed the error that system gets down when try to play video or music files when radio is on. It happens only radio was on right after booting system, LCD screen turned off and turn it back on.


- Fixed the error that recorded files, which recorded by A3, weren’t playing with Windows Media Player.
- Changed to show modified date to same as actual date when you modify files (recorded video clips, recorded sound and screen shot)
- Fixed error in date modified of FLAC files, which were recorded in Line-In audio, was not correct.
- Fixed the error that restart record was not working after pause recording.

Initialization Setting

- Changed to choose language first and then location of yours.

- Fixed the error that files, which contain more then 190 character in their names, were not displayed or playing by COWON A3.
- Improved playable hours after optimize music player.
- Improved performance of Movie and music player.(Fixed the error which some high resolution files are having problem with playing and improved performance of fast play of video clips and music.)
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