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Default Questions about rockbox

Well, i havent got my player yet, but i have been playing around with the rockbox windows simulator for around 2 days already, i cant make it to play any videos i try to x_X, ive tried .WMV, .MP4(it reads this as a song but not vid), and was about to try an avi but when i converted the video it came about 33mb, way too much, the others where about 9-10mb.(its a video from youtube so its short, and yes, i have tried with many other vids and still).

I looked around for the format and it says that rockbox is able to play MPEG, but i wonder if is only that one. I saw it here btw

And well, if it only plays MPEG, could you guys recommend me a program to convert my videos to MPEG?
Another question:
In the simulator i tried to open a .txt file and it worked fine, then i tried to open a .doc but it wont, is there any application, plugin or something to help me with it?
Right in this moment, while im posting this im trying out this application , but well, it doesnt really make the .doc files readable, it just convert them to .JPG, .BMP or .PNG, for now i will stick with it unless someone know how to make .doc files readables.

NOTES: As i tried out the program i figured out that rockbox wont open .bmp images, but it does open the jpg(i love the fact that i can do zoom, and it looks so well). But i can make the .bmp files to be set as my backdrop, so weird. Not that i care much because all my pictures are .jpg, i wonder if this is normal o.o

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