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Default ID3 Tag browsing - can it be tuned?

I've grudgingly accepted that my shiny new Clip 8G has no folder browsing capability and have gone through my entire collection to set up the genre tags. The browsing on the clip is still not ideal, though.

Currently I have Music/Genre/Artist.
What I'd really like is Music/Genre/Album to avoid seeing all of those artists where I just have one or two tracks from them on compilation albums.

Any way to change this? (Other than waiting for Rockbox!)

p.s. Thank you to all contributors to anythingbutipod in helping me choose my new player! Apart from the minor annoyance above, I'm dead chuffed with it! And only EUR 53 from
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The only way I can think of changing it to the way you want is creatively modding the tags to match what you want. Example change the Artist tag to track name. This may get what you want sorta, past that you really won't get anywhere.
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