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Default Mintpad!

found this while over at

god I wish I could read Korean

this player looks good but I have some quibbles...

-no widescreen... seriously??? you think the old iRiver CEO would've known better.. keep up with the industry! they seem to have tagged this player as an all in one type player (even with wifi on a 2.86" screen... wtf) so obviously it's mean to play videos too but at that size and no widescreen.. yuck!

-no AMOLED, will be a standard real soon!

-pretty thick.. it's 15mm, I know it has user-removable battery but still.. is thick IMO, it seems like a D2 but.. D2 was released last year and I would've expected.. "more" in terms of design and stuff

-looks like you really have to use the little pencil thing that comes with it to use it (doesn't look simple to use either lots of functions and subfunctions)

-probably won't be released outside of Korea

-no multi-touch, says it has a G sensor but I don't see it in action!

other than that, looks real interesting and promising, don't know if it's released but the last tab has videos! dang! I didn't hear of this player before, I knew Mintpass existed but I guessed I must've browsed their English site or something..
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