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Default Review: P2 w/ Jaybird 200 bluetooth headphones

I'm actually pretty happy with these. I planned on returning them after reading the review but i was like what the heck? Here's my mini review.

After opening the package it came with the dock and everything. It was really confusing at first so you might actually have to read the manual. :/ I never do that. Aftet that, you'll read that you have to charge the thing for 2 hrs. Thats not something people usually want to do when they get new headphones. :/ I actually forgot my p2 at work the first night i had it so I tried pairing it to my phone. (Virgin mobile shuttle) It worked but it took forever and it was annoying but i was able to pair it to my phone after an hr. (I had to turn my phone off and on... phones fault) So i dropped by my work. It paired right away. It was super simple and didn't even require a password but the password seemed to always work so it didn't matter that much. The headphones fit a little wierd but it gets comfortable and you won't even notice it.

Look: Unlike the pictures, mine didn't fit into my ears and are just as noticeble as normal headphones but i have short hair. My brother's girly hair hid it nicely. They are pretty much guarenteed that they won't fall off your ears. The cord in the back actually seems to be a normal headphone cord so there isn't streaming bluetooth to both of them (Which prob saves power) but it does mean that if they get abused or just tangled too much over time that the left ear will shut out. (I thought it was just a string holding tthem together but it's not)

Audio (With my p2):
I'm not much of a audiophile but it met my standards. The headphones are pretty loud. Indoors, The audio worked perfectly fine in my pocket. (The manual says it should be on your chest or higher on your right side.) It must bounce off walls good. Outdoors which is what i was worried about i ran for about 20 min this morning. In my right pocket (I hate armbands) the sound cut out 7 times but only for a split second and it only happened when i walked. LOL Now there's an incentive too run!!! haha. It didn't even bother me. It also helped if i leaned back. On my left side it cut out like every 5 seconds and was extremely annoying but thats because the bluetooth had to travel through my body. Now i'm a moderately fit guy with very little body fat so i'm not guarenteeing that it will work well in your right pocket. I'm just saying that for me it worked perfectly fine. I think the fatter dudes and dudettes might want to sit this one out if their planning on putting it in their pockets because the bluetooth might have trouble reaching the headset. If your a little hefty maby an armband would work out good and might even inspire you to exercise more! Anyways just something to keep in mind.

Yes it was a little pricey. thats one of the only downfalls but i'm excited to use it for snowboarding this season. Don't really use this but the call quality is supposed to be really good. ohh, 1 last thing. The buttons suck and are almost completely worthless. Just use your p2.

Good sound
Almost no interference
Small form factor
easy to set up
waterresistant, sweatproof
Dock is cool with only a 2 hr. recharge rate
Fits nicely, lightwieght
Call quality

Buttons suck
Possible pocket interference outside
5.5 hr battery life
Cord that runs through back might get cut or broken
Only works with bluetooth 2.0 and audio only works with an a2dp device.

Here's the official review if you havn't read it yet.
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p2 jaybird 200 bluetooth

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