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Exclamation Maximizing Hours per Charge?

I recently purchased a 2 GB model from I had quite a bit of a problem with UPS, as the package started in California, was suppose to end up in Central California, and somehow ended up in Florida, tacking on another 8 days until I would receive it. Makes me wonder why people complain about USPS having a monopoly before. Anyways, enough about those idiots, and onto my other dilemna.

Some people clamored for alphabetical sorting, others didn't. I'm used to play songs in the order I want it, unless I feel like Random, so WMP, playlists, and ReNamer didn't make this a lasting issue. Still wondering if there was an easier way, but that's ok for now.

The real peev I have with the player is that is has (informally) lasted 6 hours for me on a charge. At first, I thought I didn't charge it long enough, but then I tried again and left it connected for 10 hours. Still the same output.

I don't really know what else could affect the playtime besides volume, since the screen only lasts 20 seconds until it turns off again.

Using the standard necklace/headphones, I set the volume to about 17. I use it while studying or doing something, with people around. I do have a lanyard and Sony in-ear bud headphones, but I was annoyed a bit at having to put the Sonys away instead of letting them dangle, since it is awkward having it on without something like lanyard rings hold it together.

Basically, any tips and tricks would be appreciated. I love this cube, and I really only listen to music casually, but it does bother me a bit at only getting 60% output instead of an understable 80%.

Thank you Anything but iPod and the thoughtful supports of.
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