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Default Motorola S9-HD vs S9 - My take

The Motorola S9-HD represent some real improvements over the S9 but probably do not represent the best choice for users of the P2 & T10.

Motorola S9-HD improvements of over the S9 [subjective statements are in brackets]
- The new design earplugs result in a very substaintial gain in bass output. If the S9-HD's earplugs are placed on the S9, the improvement transfers to the S9. Thus, as you might've guess, the earplugs are exchangable.
- The BT antenna placement and/or design is definately improved. The S9-HD is more resistant signal drop out. It is almost but not quite as resistant to drop out as the best BT headphones I've used.
- SRS WOW HD added and comes in two flavors [mild and wild]. More on this later.
- The buttons are more proud of the unit and are easier to find.
- The soft-touch plastic coating on the buttons is gone and replaced by a shiny plastic. No concerns about the coating flaking off with time and use.
- The rubber inner surface is larger and has a higher grip.

Motorola S9 advantages of over the S9-HD [subjective statements are in brackets]
- No SRS WOW HD. For purists, it's a distraction. [The more aggressive setting on the S9-HD I will refer to as "Wild" is over the top for me. The "mild" setting is easier to live with day to day.]
- Older, more open earplug design. [the resulting output is more balanced, but high happy on devices that do not allow you to EQ the source. In my opinion, the S9 is a better choice for the P2 & T10 mp3 players. Either the old or the new can be made to work with the T9B which is more correctable with it's EQ'd BT A2DP abilities.

Otherwise, the two headphones are very much the same. The same basic design and what appears to be the same speakers (with digital enhancements). I personally do like the all black design of the S9-HD better.

The S9-HD comes off as a SRS WOW Sony DR-BT50 in general tonal qualities. Both are bass heavy and need to be device EQ'd to reach their potential. Once this is done (if it can be done), both headphones are really great choices. To be redundant, I think the S9s just work better with the Samsung T10 and P2 devices since their equalizers are disabled while A2DP audio streaming. Otherwise, the S9-HD is a worthwhile improvement.
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