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Default Zen Sleek not recognized

I've recieved a ZenSleek a little less than a year ago and it was working perfectly until about a month ago, when my computer suddenly stopped recognizing the player. I've followed the directions in the FAQ section of the Creative website and I've only been able to have the ZEN player show up in the device manager, but it is still not recognized by Windows Media Player or the ZEN Media Explorer. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the programs associated with it, but a component is missing, so I cannot uninstall, reinstall, or repair certain components. I know there's no problem with the cord, since then player is can connect to other computers and is still detected as an external drive on my computer. I'm stumped as to what I should do. Any suggestions?
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I currently have the same issue with my zen sleek photo. I know what to do to fix it but I can not find the necessary file to do it. The file is called and i used to go to to get it but it's had a message up for awhile saying that the forums are down So if anyone out there in ABi land happens to have this file I would seriously love you forever if you would be so kind as to share and I will do likewise in future!

If you have the file please send it in attachment to my e-mail at boobles27 @ hotmail. com

Also good to read this forum topic as it describes the same problem concerning a different zen device....
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Talking Hooray!!

Ok so I kept trying the website ( and it finally started working again! So I just downloaded the, extracted it, ran it,did the step in the quote below and restarted my computer and it worked perfectly!

Originally Posted by VAdubber View Post
haven't been on here in awhile so before I forget to come back around here for another few months, let me rehash this as I needed it myself as I am installing a new Operating System and my Zen didn't work anymore once I was all said and done. Go figure Also, I was asked about how I got mine working and now that I've done it the same way twice (this second time it took me all of 5 minutes once I remembered what it was I did the first time).

First off - if you have everything installed that came w/the player, do the whole "control panel, device manager, uninstall, leave it plugged in" but before re-booting I also did the following (put your Zen cd in the drive as well). I'm not sure if all this helps but I did it the first time and again this time, so it obviously didn't hurt anything.

Second - start, run, type 'regedit', select hkey current config (very last one), system, enum, on usb - right click, select 'properties'

at this point you have to go into 'advanced' and remove the duplicate that says "not inherited" and also un-check the option below the window (there are 2 of them, one is checked, one is un-checked) they BOTH need to be unchecked.

then click 'apply'. which will take you to the first menu (where you selected advanced) here you want to check both boxes in the "allow" column and click 'apply' again.

Now do your re-boot. When your system starts up everything should go through nice and smoothly and the docking insignia should appear on your screen.

I really hope this helps everyone who have had similar problems!!
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That forum is still down, so I would really appreciate anyone who still has lying around on their hard drive sending me a copy. I can't find the file hosted anywhere else and I'm getting tempted to throw my Sleek out the window.
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