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Default Sync'ing and updating - what process works for you?

What does everyone do for first, loading your playlists, then second, maintaining them if and when changes are made?

I have an e270 with Rockbox. I have Windows Media Player 11 and also that awesome Sanse Playlister 1.5.

What I've done so far:

1) I create my playlists in WMP 11 (especially since I play music on my computer regularly) and then in MTP mode, I sync them to my player.

2) If I want playlists to reference my microSD card, I use Playlister 1.5

3) To use my playlists in Rockbox, I export my playlists to .m3u using Playlister 1.5

4) For album art, I copy my jpgs over manually in MSC mode for each album (but obviously they don't show up in Rockbox because they're not bmp's - I'll do that eventually perhaps)

5) If I make any changes to my playlists, I make the change in WMP11, and resync them in MTP mode, then re-export them to .m3u for Rockbox

My question - Am I doing way too much? My dream would be to just use Playlister 1.5 for everything, but as far as I can tell, there's no sync option - I have several songs that show up in more than 1 playlist.

I believe if I brought over my playlists using Playlister exclusively, if a song were to show up in more than 1 playlist, it would actually copy the song twice to the mp3 player and take up unnecessary space.

Another reason I'd just like to use Playlister, is all the album art comes over automatically, at least in the original firmware.

Anyways, is there a better way to do things?
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