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Default New use for my old Sandisk 2.0 GB Rhapsody

I just picked up a new Sandisk clip and instead of trashing my old player I was wondering if anyone new of any OP-system software or third party software/firmware that would allow me to run .EXE's or small programs on it. I have stripped it down and plan to mount it into my laptop frame as a micro system tracker. I hope to display my system vitals on it but if I have to write the code the juice may not be worth the squeeze.

any idea's?

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You might have an issue, then. There is third party firmware for the e200, but they will not run EXE's. Plus, the Sansas are only dual core 90MHz PP Chip. You can read more info on the Sansa e200 series on the Rockbox site.
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Default thanks much

I will take a look at the spec's and see what I can get this thing to do. I end up just tossing it, but I wont give up that easy.
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Don't toss it. Someone may need parts to fix their's.
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put rockbox on it and it will be a whole new player...or sell it on this site
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