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Default Cowon D2 16gb or Creative Zen 32gb?

Sorry if this has been done before but any help would be much appreciated.
My Toshiba Gigabeat s60v has just suffered the code 5 error and I am now in the market for a new mp3 player, narrowing the choice down to either the Creative Zen 32gb or Cowon D2 16gb.
I generally like having a large storage capacity (32gb+) as I like to travel around with most of my music collection with me. My first question is does an sd card (either 16gb or 32gb) integrate with the Cowon library seamlessly to give the functionality of a 32gb or more harddrive?
I also enjoy listening to music whilst skateboarding/snowboarding and was wandering how good both players are in these situations? Is it easy to change track, play/pause, etc. I know the Cowon can change the button functions but are these easily accessible in a pocket?
Sound quality is also important but from what I have read both seem excellent, with the Cowon possibly being better.
Price is a slight issue, but both players are similar in price, apart from having to purchase an extra sd card for the Cowon to increase capacity.
Last point, are both players well supported with regular firmware updates and accessories? The most annoying thing about the Toshiba Gigabeat was the lack of support in terms of firmware updates to fix bugs.
So which one do you guys think would be best for me?
Thanks in advance!
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