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Default D2 won't play .avi videos.

I've been trying to put movies on my D2, but when I try and play them, the screen goes black for a moment and then goes back to the blue play screen.

If it matters, here are the specs to one of the movies:

Audio: 112kbps MPEG Layer-3
Video: 25/fps 1148/kbps data rate
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Maybe your data rate is too high. I dont really know why but i have a movie on my D2 which plays fine which is 508/kbp
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What app did you use to convert the movies?
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I always use Jetaudio for converting into D2 and it has never failed me. there are faster options for sure, but Jetaudio works fine for me.
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It's true that JetAudio isn't the fastest but it's the only option I've yet to find that has variable bitrate encoding for video. For normal tv shows and movies, using Auto High, you end up with files that are about 70% the size of those encoded in the 768 kbits/s option. For animated shows, that number goes down even further to about 55%. That, combined with the fact that the video is as washed out as come other converters, like iLove, make it one of the best for the D2.
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Find a free copy of Any Video Converter ver 2.5.9 this is the best
Here are the settings that work 100% of the time for me Set the profile to Customized Movie (*.avi) Here are the settings there
Video codec ---xvid
video size 320x240
Video bitrqate -----768
Video Frame rate -----25
Audio -----mp3
Audio Bitrate 128
Sampl;e rate ----44100
Those setting work awesome for me. Those might even be good setting for all video programs.
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