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Default Archos 5 - Things that SHOULD be added for the next Gen.

So I am personally an Archos 605 owner, and i like it. The Archos 5 is an amazing upgrade, but to make it into the big game, I've composed a list of necessary add ons to make it GOLD!

  1. Capacitive Touch Screen! (Come on people, this is 2008) Capacitive Touch screens are MUCH more responsive and way less of a hassle to use, besides it lets the screen have better color since it's going through glass. And besides, it's just sexy. Multitouch is also quite convenient for certain applications.
  2. Accelerometer. Phones have it, camera's have it, iPoods have it, why not archos? It makes it THAT much funner to play with and wow your friends.
  3. A landscape, or 90 Degree layout option. It just makes more logical sense to hold the screen vertically, and when the time comes to view photos, play games, videos, web browsing, you can then turn it sideways. And am I the only one that's noticed that there is ALOT of wasted space on the current Archos 5 UI due to the fact that the screen is so wide?
  4. Larger hard drive, but smaller space. Apple has done it and created a super tiny hard drive that can hold up to 160 gb. Archos needs to do some research and slim it down in size. Don't get me wrong, 250GB is the MOST out there, so props for Archos.
  5. Less ADVERTISED user interface. We've heard it a thousand times, and if we don't want to buy the extra helmet cam, we shouldn't be bombarded with it's ads every time we turn our Archos on.0
  6. Video out w/o having to use the 75$ DVR Station. That one explains itself.
  7. More intuitive UI, use hand gestures, and motions of the archos to control it (w/help from the built in accelerometer) i.e. swipe left to right to bring up another menu, or shake it to turn on shuffle.
  8. DJ Playlist Creator. If you've ever owned a Creative Zen Vision you know what i'm talking about. I used the DJ Playlist function almost all the time. There should be options like, newly added songs, most listened to, Genre playlist organizer, etc.
Please enlighten me if you agree, besides I want to hear what you think archos should do to rock it's next generation.
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