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Default Case Review!

Since i was unable to get any good information on this forum before i purchased my cases i thought i would review them so that others do not suffer the same fate as me!!!

The 2 case i have now are the Silicone Skins and 3 in 1 Travel Case!

3 in 1 Travel Case

Protection: 3 out of 5

This case does well when it comes to protecting the player from drops on hard surfaces! The leather like material allows the player to practicly bounce when dropped! Unfortunatley when it comes to dirt and dust this case is poor at best, mainly because of the almost fully open top and the large holes on the sides!

Functionality: 2 out of 5

This player fits well in the case when newly purchased! Over time this nice tight fit becomes loose and leads to more problems! The leather on the bottom of the case can prevent your propriety cable from plugging into the player all the way, I found myself often having to pull the small leather loops on the bottom to the side to connect it! The stretching that has occured in 3 weeks of use as also caused the player to sit lower in the case which impeeds the wheel! Sometimes the wheel will actually touch the sides of the case's circular cut out and either turn very slowly or not at all!!! Lastly the sewn in screen protector is flimsy and bubbles up which causes major glare issues!

Mobility: 1 out of 5

This is why I ended up getting something different! The belt loop on the back of the leather skin is worthless! After only 3 weeks the velcro is loosing its grip and the loop itself is stretching! IMO this is unacceptable! The leather loop also makes the player a choir to take off your belt or put it on for that matter! (It baffles me that a company would put out a case like this and ask for the kind of money they do and not have a sturdy metal clip)

Side notes: The actual travel case is great, small and protective and i think it will work with my new Silicone skin case!!!

Silicone Skin Case

Protection: 2 out of 5

Ok so after my disappointment with the 3in1 i purchased the Silicone Skin case! As far as protection goes i think it is merely ok. I work on concrete floors and would be scared to drop my player on them with the Silicone Skin because it is so thin! As far as dirt and dust is concerned i think that the Silicone skin does well protecting the player! There is no large opening at the top and the holes on the sides are cut very small.
There is no screen protector so i recomend u get one!

Functionality: 4 out of 5

The silicone skin does allow me to access all the controls while i am on the move at work! The skin is so tight around the player that the wheel stays centered and is never obstructed by the case! Plugging your player in is easy and does not require you to push part of the case out of the way!

Mobility: 3 out of 5

I was still disappointed with the belt clip that came with my silicone skin! It is cheap as cheap can get lol! The plastic used to make it is so flimsy you could break it with just bending the wrong way for you larger people . But it does hold the player better then the leather belt loop of the 3 in 1! The clip does allow me to snap the player off my hip in one motion and adjust something on it and then hook it right back up almost without glancing at my hip!

Side notes: I will be getting a cell phone plastic belt clip to replace the one that came with the case and hopefully the circular nub on the back will be able to slide into it without problems!
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