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Default Samsung P2 broken what to do?

Physical volume buttons acting strange

Volume up: When click it up it goes down again and then mute
Volume down: dont work at all

When turning P2 on:
volume goes down all the way and mute it comes from the physical buttons

I can however make the volume work by touching the Screen
Problem is as i said sometimes when i turn P2 on the physical button act weird and put the volume down without i even touch them

After i touch the screen volume bar a bit i can make it work
and i can Upper/lower the volume from the virtual volumebar
but as soon i touch the physical button volume goes all down again and mute.

Problem turning P2 on:
when physical volume buttons start acting strange
it is dificult to turn off P2 sometimes i have to keep pressing virtual volumebar and turnOFF to make p2 finaly go off

RESET button didnt fix it
What to do?

Do i realy have to send it in for repair
this DAP which i took very good care of then have lasten only 10 months
is the lowest time a DAP player have last for me
before broking down for no reason

I have firmware 5.05 and music on it
can i leave it like that when sending it under warranty
im in europe
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