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Default headphone out-->amp-->speakers (eeepc)


i have an eeepc (a subnotebook if you dont know what that is just google it) and the right audio channel is not working. the speakers are working fine (tried a second pair and that had the same problem). it might have been my own fault because i added a touchscreen and a build in sdhc-cardreader for which a had to solder some things...

anyway i figured the only reasonable way to fix the audio problem was to take the signal from the headphone-output and reroute it to the speakers, since i can not see the from where the signal of the speaker connecter comes from, damn multilayer curcuit boards. connecting the speaker to the headphone output was not really complicated i added a dip-switch inbetween so i can turn of the speakers off if i want to use headphones only.

so far so good everything worked but the speakers were not loud enough maybe half of the original volume... then i remembered this article:

but i am not sure if such an amp would really solve my problem because i dont know if the speakers are to silent because the headphone-output is provided with lesser voltage than the speaker-output or because the speakers have a lower resistance than headphones...

anyway the main question is: does an amp help me with my problem or not?

following questions of yes are:
how do i find out how much voltage the speakers can tolerate before they break?
where do i get the parts preferably allready completly assambled and as small as possible?

if not: what do i have to do to make my speakers louder?

(just by the way if the speakers are loud enough the amp(s) dont have to be adjustable)

greetz and thx

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