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Default Rockbox install on e260/e280 planning

Iíve got a Sansa e260 (not R) with v01.02.24a firmware. Iíve ordered an e280 from Woot, arriving shortly, and it looks like it will hopefully be a v1 player (based on those receiving theirs already). Iíd like to try out Rockbox, and Iíve got some questions:

1) Any issues with firmware versions as long as itís a v1 player? Any reason to upgrade (or not) the "old firmware" on the e280 to current before installing Rockbox?

2) I plan on using the automated installer (assuming itís not a Rhapsody player). Are there any known issues with the automated installer on the e260 or e280 other than itíll get an error trying to pull down the fonts package which will require a manual install of those?

3) I thought I read on the Rockbox forum that the software doesnít show hidden files/folders, and that the old firmware marks the ďMusicĒ folder as hidden when it runs and downloads (MSC mode). So I have to create my own folder to contain music, and make sure itís not hidden? Which means that if I have music already on the player it will have to be moved or the folder renamed?

4) Bookmarks Ė I assume that Rockbox remembers what I was playing and where I was when I shut down, so it can resume right back to there? I listen to podcasts and the normal firmware ticks me off from time to time as it forgets where it was if I power cycle without playing a few seconds of sound. Does Rockbox make explicit bookmarks for my podcasts (I thought I read that someplace) as I switch around?

5) USB charging and transfer happens under the old firmware. From what Iíve read it appears that if I connect to my PC the bootloader will notice and run the old firmware, which handles charging and transfer. If I hook my e2x0 to a USB power block (so no computer involved) will it still detect USB and start the old firmware to handle charging?

6) Old firmware rebuilding its database Ė does this happen on boot or on disconnect? I know thereís supposed to be some tools to avoid the DB rebuild, but I was wondering whether it can be avoided by connecting to the PC and shutting down just before disconnecting?

7) I assume that if I format the player on my PC (versus running chkdsk) that the boot to Rockbox will fail until itís re-installed? Iíd also assume I can make a backup of the .rockbox folders and copy them back in place and have it work? Are there any disadvantages to doing a chkdsk /f compared to doing a re-format?

Thanks a lot for any feedback you can provide me on how Rockbox will operate on my players!
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