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Default 16gb in the U.S., When?

I have been searching all over the Internet, but I cannot find any information about when/if the 16gb P2 will be released in the U.S. I know in Canada Best Buy has it for just under $230.00 US, but I am trying to wait to see if we will have them by the end of the year for a great price. Right now, as most of you know, even has the 8 gb for 179.00. Great price, but I am wondering if I shuld wait... I just do not know if I am waiting on a 16 gb that might not surface any time soon.

Also, I see a lot of people here quoting Fry's prices. When I go to their website, they have every brand listed BUT the Samsung. Is this something you just have to buy in-store?
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I think the reason you can not find concrete information on a US release of the 16GB P2 is because there is no release scheduled for the US. If Canada & Asia had it for 6 months and the EU for 4-5 months and there is no information regarding a US release, there isn't going to be a US release.

The highest capacity / best mp3 players Samsung makes doesn't seem not to land in the US:

Z5 -> US, no FM tuner -> Others, FM tuner
T9 -> US, up to 4GB, no BT -> Others, up to 8GB & BT
T10 -> US, up to 4GB -> Others, up to 8GB
S5 -> US, up to 4GB -> Others, up to 8GB
P2 -> US, up to 8GB -> Others, up to 16GB
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Thank you for your response. This is the first time that I am seriously looking at the PS2. I know I want this, but I had no idea that Samsung put a such a restriction on which player they sell in the US. I can order one from ebay, but do not want to spend $300.00 on one coming from Asia, especially when I will probably be able to get an 8 GB for $120 or even lower in a matter of weeks.
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