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Default Coverflow with the P2

Hi guys I have just purchased a P2 and Love it. I have just upgraded the firmware to EU 5.10. I have had a good dig around including on here (so forgive me if its already been covered) but cant seem to find out how to attach the album art and was wondering if I can do it with this Samsung Media Art 5 that comes with it.If not could someone give me a in depth guide on how to do this please.I do already have the album art on my pc if that makes it easier.
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I would imagine that album art has been covered. However I can explain it faster than linking it.

You need to install the included software and upgrade it as it requests you too. The software will actually let you search the Gracenote database for all the mp3s in your library. It will search by your set ID3 tags on each mp3. If you already have the album art pics on your computer you can right click each song from within the software and specify the art file manually. Once you have the art showing for each song in the software you can re-copy the songs to your P2 and the art will show.

Be sure to double tap the screen when you’re playing a song to view "full screen" album art.
YouTube Movie Center for Samsung P2:
Personal File Site for Samsung P2:
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I use mediamonkey for album art. After downloading the free software,

import your library of songs from itunes/winamp/WMP 11/etc. (To import, go to "File -> Add/rescan tracks to library")

All you do is copy/paste album photo (from google images, shoot for a 600 x 600 resolution for the best quality) to your desktop or a desired location on your hard drive.

Then you select a track/album by right clicking the album art for that track/album. Then select "add image".

Find the image you have just downloaded and select "open" Check "save to album folder" AND "save image to tag" (and "apply to all tracks on album" if you are fixing an album). Hit "ok" and you should be finished. Sync up your P2 and you should have your album art.

PS- Make sure when you save the album art, your music is separated into albums when you select "save to album folder". Otherwise, if all of your MP3/WMA files are all in one folder w/o being separated into albums, then all of the tracks will have the same album art which is not good. Good luck.
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I also use mediamonkey. You can also have it save the album art directly in the ID3/4 tags and not have to worry about where separate album art files are saved.
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