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Help My computer hates me and my Sansa Express

I've been having a bit of a problem and was pointed in the general direction of this forum, in hopes that you could help me out.

I swear my computer hates me.
I found out that the next town over's library (TCL) now has downloadable audio books. I happen to have a TCL library card and go to their website to find out more.
It turns out you have to have Windows Media Player v. 10 or 11 to be able to download the books with the software they (TCL) provides free of charge. So I download TCL's book downloading software and update my Windows Media Player to v. 10.

I decide that, after I download a couple of books, that I really should load these onto my MP3 player so I can take them with me when I go walking in the mornings. But in order to do that, my computer (which is running XP..I know..horribly ancient) has to first RECOGNIZE that my MP3 player is in fact an MP3 player and NOT a USB device. Only I can't seem to figure out how to make it do that..recognize that I plugged in an MP3 player and NOT a USB drive.

The troubleshooting guide on my computer is no help. Going to the Windows website is no help. Going to the SanDisk help page is not helping. I've already updated the firmware and updated my Windows Media Player to v. 10. I am ready to rip my hair right out.

The software used to download the audiobooks is called OverDrive Media Console. Don't know if that makes a difference. The audiobooks downloaded to my computer fine and play on Media Player fine. It's just that when I try to sync them to my MP3 player, they don't play. All I get is a "license expired" on the screen of my player. When I upgraded to Media Player v 10, it asked me if I wanted to sync my entire media library to my MP3 player, which I did. The update allowed some files that previously said "License Expired" (on my MP3 player) to now play, oddly enough. Not all of them..I still can't get it to play the "CATS: Original Broadway Cast" recordings I had put on there, nor another album I tried to load onto there (Garth Brooks: In The Life Of Chris Gaines) which both play fine on the Media Player, but won't play on my MP3 player.

Help me ABI-wan, you're my only hope.
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